Advanced BARON Tools and Strategies for Stock Market Investing

Most investors are exposed unnecessary risk and are missing out on opportunities to reap significant profits in the stock market due to lack knowledge. In this easy-to-understand workshop, you will learn specific strategies appropriate for investors with various investment goals and tolerances for risk. This advanced course will teach you technical (stock chart) analysis skills used by professional traders to identify the long-term trends and profit opportunities of stocks. You will also learn how options can become a lucrative and strategic component of your well-balanced, long-term portfolio. For many investors, the knowledge provided by this course can mean the difference between realizing substantial gains or suffering severe losses.

You will discover how to:

  • Determine when it is appropriate to use a particular investment strategy
  • Use resources and tools to find good investment and trading prospects
  • Monitor new and existing investments using basic technical and fundamental analysis
  • Analyze moving averages, trading volume, and other market timing indicators to help make your buy, hold, and sell decisions
  • Use strategies to hedge and profit from downside moves in the market
  • Use options to enhance your income, help you buy and sell stocks at attractive prices, insure your stocks against a market decline, and reduce your break-even point on a losing stock without increasing your risk

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The Baron Solution Group is an award-winning training, business coaching, and consulting firm for executives, entrepreneurs, and investors. The company’s website,, is ranked as the #1 Business Motivational Speaker Site by and is also winner of three 2008 Web Awards: Best Wealth-Building Site; Best Male Author Site; and Best Lecturer, Speaker and Workshop Site.


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